About the Mother and Child Product and Service Network, this section of KIORK Ideas Limited is designed or set up to cater for the day to day need of both “Expecting/New Mothers/Mothers and their child or children”. Also, this section caters for the Aged women/parents by making sure they have amazing retirement and also enjoy their days.


Nigeria Demographic and Health Survey (NDHS) Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) in Nigeria is 576 deaths per 100,000 live births which is not a fact, due to research made by the health research body. Now in all sincerity, we all know that not all deaths and births are recorded. There are cases of healthy childbirth while the child dies before its first 21days.

We are here to help educate the general public on how to reduce or prevent deaths, preventive infections and disease.

Some of the 21st-century mothers really know close to nothing about child care, management and also self-care. We educate women and mothers on what not to do and how to make sure they get the best health care and medical advice from renowned professionals in identified fields.

Things to know before “PREGNANCY”, during and after. It’s important that every woman understands the way her body works so as to know how to manage it during all the stages in pregnancy. Most health issues during pregnancy are what had been before which was not taken care of.



This platform is for every woman, mother and child.

Note: We stated, “Every Woman” this includes both old and young.


Below are the offerings of the company under the Mother and Child


HEALTH: This will offer services by helping women know how close they are to health service providers and also which medication to use both herbal and pharmaceutical products.
Contact your doctor before you make use of any herbal or pharmaceutical products.

CHILD CARE: How to best care for your child, eating, bathing, sleeping, and more. These are the things we intend to help you with.

FITNESS: This aspect makes sure that all women are educated to care for themselves as a woman is created to create, we know how important the health of a woman is. We educate on how to develop and manage healthy discipline.

ADULT CARE: This section educates on how to manage the elderly so as to make them feel loved and cared for at all times. Remember, no matter how experienced you are as youths, you cannot compare your wisdom to that of the old. There is more to learn from them.

BABY CARE: This section gives you the opportunity to learn more about your child. We help you learn about child care and child management. What you need to know about your kid/kids and signs to watch out for. What they mean and how you intend to tackle/handle them.

FASHION: This shows products to care for yourself and your baby. Baby showers can also be planned on this platform so you don’t feel stressed or worked out. Also, this section will advise as it will be interactive, each member to train educate another on facts and not fictions.

FOOD & DIET: You are apparently what you eat, it’s important to know what to eat and what not to eat and what to stay away from as a woman. This is not limited to when you are pregnant or during breastfeeding periods. The rate at which cancer and all other preventable diseases kill women is, alarming! We owe it to what we eat and our environment. We will be working with, dieticians so as to make sure we give you best info and service.

HOUSING: Also known as Home Management. During your child nursing period, you need to rearrange your home to accommodate the new member of the house. We educate on how to best keep your kids safe from harm.

INSURANCE: Oh yes this segment will advise on why health insurance is important for you as a mother and your child. We know it can be crazy to find real and true health insurance that keep to their word. “NO WAHALA”. We make sure advise according to general feedback and personal investigation. We are not selling health insurance at least for now but, we will advise on which you should apply for.

Yes, we are here, we would be talking about the trending issues of the day, week, month and year. This segment, there is a daily picture, write-up or quote to uplift your spirit. We would give room to health, lifestyle, motivation, fashion, comedy and faith. I must mention, we are a people team, not a religious team. We are happy people and that’s what we offer. We are for one and for all.

Here we intend to share our milestone and also, pick weekly photos of the highest voted mother. Oh yeah, there is always a price to be won. We intend to make it interactive so that everyone can be a part of it. These photos will be voted for according to how well dressed, cultured, “baby smile”, the ambience of space and yeah quality of the photo. You’ll ask what about how beautiful she is. Well, every woman is amazingly beautiful to us, we only need to see it ourselves.

Oh, did I mention we would have question and answer section where you can communicate with professionals. You can ask questions to know if you have a severe case or just something you could manage at home.
This page on the website is a conversation and communicative space for women and mothers to ask various questions about anything and everything, not limited to children nor pregnancy. They could ask questions about how to make a meal or how to take care of their skin. It’s no news that Nigerians are becoming too dependent on processed foods and drinks. This, in turn, has made us give ourselves to an unhealthy diet. No matter how good it looks, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s healthy. This and more can be asked on this segment of the website.

You’d ask, how we intend to do this, we don’t intend to achieve it alone. You are also a part of the team. So, you tell us how you think we’ll better achieve this together to care for all

Oh yes, there is a market too. We would never forget this. There is the e-commerce aspect of KIORK where you can sell your wares, foods and more. Please, if you intend to sell consumables, we would only allow organic products here.
We do not promote any sort of inorganic consumables. We allow everyone to the opportunity to showcase their products for free in the very first three (3) months. This means all sales are without charges from KIORK. Also, we help you profile the product and, if you have issues with branding and registering a trademark, you could register under KIORK and we will make sure that all process is taken care of to help you reach the consumers or customers you are seeking to reach.

For more information about “MARKET” contact: market@kiork.com and state your reason, advise or request.

Note: This platform is not designed to be all knowing, we welcome any constructive criticism and advice to become better. We choose to build a family instead of a business entity.

Every or any information gathered from this website is objective to scrutiny and we take no responsibilty to any purchase or use of any medication therein without the consultation of your medical consultant. We only bring to you, information as gathere from facts and individual experience. Also, just because a contributo on this website used a particula medication for their ailment; doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right for you. It is important that you contact your medical adviser or run a test to know the cause of your ailment and the prescribed medication for it. Again, we take no legal responsibility for anything purchased, seen or learnt from this website.